My views on the Occupy Wall Street Movement

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November 19, 2011 by Volamoot at Mashable!

Here are my views on the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

When it started, the main purpose of it was to bring attention to the ever-growing difference between the lower class and the upper class. The start was executed very well and they accomplished that goal. But as the movement grew, their was a large number of people who went just to cause trouble, not to help promote issues of society that have been overlooked or forgotten.

With that said, I do support the general cause of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. But what I do not support is all those idiots that are joining to just cause trouble. They are the reason why the police in many cities (Obviously not New York cause the NYPD are just going to beat down anyone and everyone) are cracking down and trying to remove the movements.

I do believe that as the Occupy Movement has grown the police in many areas of the country (The U.S. Mainly) have over reacted and gone to far. (Such as the Police and City of Oakland, California) But what many people are viewing as Police brutality should be viewed in many cases as the cities attempt to purify the movement and force out the people who are really not with the movement. And that is why with many cities Occupy Movements across the country, you don’t see excessive violence, because in those areas the movement is pure, and as far as those cities police and municipal government is concerned not an issue.

—These views reflect those of myself and not of —


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