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February 7, 2012 by Volamoot at Mashable!





Phase 2 of Operation: Believe in Sherlock is complete. (Phase 1 is here)

You see, Tylgrey and I have access to a poster printer…a very large poster printer…meaning the ability to print 3.5 ft x 5 ft posters…there was no way we could pass the chance to use it for this up…we also have a recently closed down movie theatre nearby, meaning we thought it wouldn’t be a big fuss for the owners to have anything up there, or at least less of a fuss than anywhere else.

So we walked over early Saturday morning, armed with duct tape and two large posters. We may or may not have had some observers. We couldn’t stop laughing while putting them up. The phrase “We can’t giggle. It’s a crime scene!” might have come up.

They’ve probably taken them down by now, but even if they have, it was entirely worth it! And perhaps we’ve spread the word to some of those poor gullible souls in Towson who thought Richard Brook was real!

We got back to school and went to grab something to eat when we came across an advertisement holder on one of the tables in which someone had written on the back of one of the pamphlet pages “The cake is a LIE”. So, we wrote back “So is Richard Brook!”

We just can’t stop!

Why am I not home for this?!

This makes me enjoy Towson more.

No Watson poster? This is awesome nonetheless


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