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August 12, 2012 by Volamoot at Mashable!

i wanted to adress this on here for a whileee

Savannah and i were in portland OR last week and we made the trip super last minute for the purpose of book and donuts i completely and totally spaced on letting anyone know we were coming beforehand because i just genuinely forgot!!

then once we were there i remembered once we took a photo of something and i thought “i should put that on tumb- OH CRAP” then i thought we should call people and i started getting stupidly low self-esteem-y and thought that no one would actually want to come and hang out and i didn’t want to feel rejected? which is silly but i just don’t like that feeling and i felt SO bad about not letting people know like dani or the reeds hence posting nothing from that day whatsoever and not mentioning it

i brought that up to aubri the other day and she basically agreed i was bein silly 



I’m sorry

but i’ll be in Portland again sometime soon

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