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August 13, 2012 by Volamoot at Mashable!


#Right then #If we’re going to do this #We’re going to do it properly #Because his stubble is chafing her chin and the skin around her lips #And the wind is whipping her hair into her own eye #And this isn’t perfect – not even remotely #She can’t breathe (he’s holding her too tight and her lungs aren’t cooperating anyway) #He’s got one arm locked around her torso and the other in the small of her back #And he keeps leaning in #Not disguising his need – for her; for them; for THIS #He smells like her Doctor#And he feels like her Doctor #And for the space of a few heartbeats he’s the ONLY Doctor #Here and now holding her in his arms #The beach and wind and other Doctor and Donna melt away #And there’s only THEM #And later on after they’re sealed in this universe for good #When the TARDIS is gone and this Doctor in blue truly IS the only Doctor #She remembers those heartbeats where everything else melted away #She returns to those moments sometimes when she’s struggling with hesitation #When irrational doubt seizes her#Because until he draws his last breath and his one heart stops beating #He is and always will be #HER Doctor (via life ruiner Allison)

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