New ‘Dexter’ Trailer Hints at Sister’s Death

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August 16, 2012 by Volamoot at Mashable!

A dramatic full-length trailer for Dexter season 7 has arrived on the heels of Showtime unleashing the first two minutes of the season during Comic-Con last month.

The revealing 120-second promo begins where season 6 left off — with Debra Morgan catching brother Dexter Morgan standing beside a corpse with a knife in its chest. The montage hurdles viewers through scenes alluding to Dexter killing Deb and revelations that more people may soon know about Dexter’s killing spree.

“If you don’t get off my ass something bad is going to happen,” Dexter warns Deb.

Splashed throughout the trailer are these words: “Few have survived once you’ve seen him. There’s no escape. There’s no e…
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